Vitthal Pratishthan Nimgaon (Te)’s
Vitthal Pratishthan College of Pharmacy, Madha.
Opp. Sunanda Cotex Mill,Tal Madha, Dist. Solapur (413209)

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Vitthal Pratishthan Nimgaon (Te)’s

Vitthal Pratishthan College of Pharmacy, Madha.

About Institute

VITTHAL PRATISHTHAN NIMGAON (TE), established in 2009 by the great visionary educationist, politician and Social worker Hon. Babanraoji Shinde (M.L.A.)of Madha Taluka, with the motto ‘ Nahi Dnyanen Sadrusham Pavitramiha Vidyate.’ Due to its outstanding contribution to the education it has become one of the renowned institutes in Solapur district. It is not only contributing to the educational field but to social and economic growth of the pupils and their families. Our institution aims to provide education to the down – trodden, the poor & especially to the girls with a view to empower them with a jewell of knowledge . Its vision is to provide quality education to all, especially to rural, semi rural and socio – economically deprived students to make them self – reliant and self – confident. At present, Vitthal Pratishthan run one CBSC School.

The institution strives to contribute in the environment protection by performing the activites such as water harvesting, plantation, and awareness programs about pollution control. The staff of the institution has contributed to work of the Paani Fondation. It always strives to apply innovative concepts of interdisiplinary approach to emerging social issues and challenges ; to create awareness among deprived sections of society.

To become an excellent pharmaceutical education and research institute globally and endeavour to improve healthcare facilities for every segment of society.

To create competent abd compassionate healthcare professionals who are capable of making significant contribution to advancement of pharmacy profession and overall health of society.

  • To make available quality education to the student of rural area and other deprived sections of the community
  • Find out potential of rural students particularly women’s and responds to the needs of their own progression along with local community and the Nation development.
  • Creating empowerment of women through education.
  • Promotes continuous improvement through innovative ideas and technologies.
  • Comprehensive student development programs, including professional, social, cultural activities.
  • Provide student service that assist student with personal, educational and social development, along with providing young force to defence, development and social unity of the Nation.
  • To conduct all activities to match the Moto and Vision of the college and fulfil demands of scientific and technological world.

This institute is committed to excellence through the delivery of outstanding undergraduate education that remains current and responsive to the diverse needs for development of rural region and women; development of rural region is the development of India because 80 percent of Indian population resides in rural region. Also the nation cannot be developed without uplifting the women. The faculty and staff promote the intellectual, professional, social, and personal development of its students through innovations in learning, teaching, student support services and creative endeavours. Students, faculty, and staff partner to create strong engagement with the local, national, and global communities. This institute is bind with MOTTO”TEJO SI TEJO ME DEHI” i.e to enlighten the life of student with education and knowledge.. All possible and required steps is taken for the development of WOMEN and thus the Nation.