Vitthal Pratishthan Nimgaon (Te)’s
Vitthal Pratishthan College of Pharmacy, Madha.
Opp. Sunanda Cotex Mill,Tal Madha, Dist. Solapur (413209)


1. The student should carry college identity card while entering the library.
2. The student should sign in the library usage register during each entry.
3.The student will be issued one borrower card per academic year.
4.Total 3 books will be issued on the borrower card.
5. The borrower card is not transferable , in case of loss or damage a duplicate card will be issued with charge of Rs. 50/-
6. In case a loss of book/s the cost of book as well as fine till the date of reporting the loss, will be charged.
7. Timing for library is 10.00 am -05.00pm. 8. In case the pages of book are found torn, the entire cost of book will be Recovered from the borrower.